Don't expect an entire country album out any time soon, but Christina Aguilera will be throwing on the cowboy boots soon.

Christina Aguilera is back as a coach on The Voice for season eight, but it's not the only place you'll see her on television. The 34-year-old singer will be joining the music drama Nashville on ABC. She will play a pop star who's been working non-stop for a decade named Jade St. John. Although she's been in the pop world, country music has always been a dream of Jade's.

It will be a multi-episode part for Aguilera this spring. She has acted before so it won't be too far out of her comfort zone. I mean, after all, she started as a Mouseketeer back in the day with Justin Timberlake and Britney Spears, among others.

The Voice returns on February 23.