It’s no secret that prices are much higher now than they were in the '90s, but if you're feeling cash-strapped in the 21st century you might be able to make some fast dough by just looking in your closet.

Since the '90s were nearly two decades ago, your stuff from back then can be considered "vintage" now. I know, cringe-worthy, but it isn’t all bad news. Most of those things that you never had the heart to toss out can now sell for a small profit.

Go onto Etsy right now and look up, "'90s Vintage" and you might find things like this to either sell or buy:

The Yellow Jumpsuit

This wonderful yellow jumpsuit would make you look like TLC’s long lost fourth member. Also, if you and you’re BFF want to be super stylish, there is also a pink version up for sale. Both jumpsuits cost $74 each.

Etsy | BannedFromTV

The Grungy Princess Dress

Are you looking for something a little more feminine? This dress is the grungy princess dress your parents never let you have. Pair it with some tough combat boots, or some super chunky Jellies and you’ll be one of the cool girls. This dress will cost you $58.

Etsy | shopEBV

The Windbreaker

Don't worry dudes, you can also get in on the trend. This windbreaker would be an essential in any '90s guy's wardrobe. Can you say "Zack Morris?" This Columbia windbreaker is going for $68.

Etsy | StandoutVintageStore

So go take a peek at whatever you kept from the '90s, you may be sitting on a small gold mine!