After a 10-year absence, Fergie came wailing back to pop radio with her infectious new single "M.I.L.F. $." And while the song's message -- that mothers can be sexy (and sexual!), too -- was inspired by Fergie's relatively new foray into motherhood, it turns out the idea's been ruminating in her brain for nearly four years.

"It came actually when I was first pregnant," she said in an interview with NME. "I was working with [producer] Polow Da Don at the time on a 2 Chainz track called ‘Netflix.’ And Polow kind of crawled in my head and said, 'Fergie, you gonna change people's views of artists who have babies.' I'd never thought of that before, but I don't wanna hide who I am; I'm all about being who you are and owning that.

"And so 'M.I.L.F. $' was my way of doing that with a wink to the audience and being sexual and flirty and fun and a little bit naughty, but with a quirky sense of humor about it," she continued. "This song has been marinating, if you will, for about three and a half years now!”

While the song (and it's accompanying star-studded music video) is meant to be tongue-in-cheek, Fergie says she's a staunch believer of the track's message of empowerment for dynamic mothers.

"I envisioned it to have a good message - a liberating message," she said. "Just because you're a mom, that doesn't mean being a mom has to be the only thing that defines you. You can be a politician; you can be a teacher; you can be sexy, flirty and fun and naughty once in a while. You can be all these great things other than just being a mom, and still be a fantastic mom at the same time. Being a mom is my first priority, but it's not the only thing I am."

Fergie highlighted this with the track's music video -- which saw a a cinch-waisted Kim Kardashian pour milk all over herself, in one of the visual's most memorable scenes. And according to Fergie, it took little to persuade the reality star to do it.

"[Kim] was actually aboard right away! I mean, she totally got it and was just super-cool about it," Fergie said. "The video was such a blast to shoot: it was like a girls' weekend out with all the girls shooting their different segments at the same time. I'd be in one room doing choreography while [Victoria's Secret model] Alessandra Ambrosio was in the other room doing her 'Got M.I.L.F.?' ad."

And for those of you who wish "M.I.L.F. $" were a few minutes longer, brace yourselves: Fergie says there's enough raw footage from the shoot to create several spin-off music videos.

"I'm actually now working on some 'M.I.L.F. $' spinoff videos," she said. "We shot so much footage of all the different girls that was just so beautiful that each girl could really have her own video."

Head over to NME to check out Fergie's full interview.

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