Hey everyone! Meet my friend Krystal Lavin from Endicott. She was the owner of a 2001 taxicab yellow, Ford Escape.

I met her while she was working at Ground Round in Johnson City on one of my many trivia nights. Which, since we are talking about trivia, it's Wednesdays, 7pm-9pm in the bar area, but I digress. Awhile back she needed to get rid of this horrible excuse for an automobile. It leaves her stranded everywhere, and back then I was seeing Facebook posts about it not running almost daily. Krystal knows she needs dependable wheels to work and support her family, so she buys another car. Now to get rid of the Ford that's been a thorn in her side for so long. So she took to Craigslist to do so.

Krystal held no emotion back while explaining the car...

Craigslist Binghamton


She sold it in less than an hour! The best part is, she can't delete the post due to password problems, and it is so well written that people are still calling. Not to buy the car, but to tell her she's awesome!