If you’ve ever caught the show “Dance Moms” and didn’t think anything on reality TV could possibly be real anymore, let alone on this particular show, it is.  One of the moms, Kelly Hyland, just filed a lawsuit against the dance instructor, Abby Lee Miller.  Evidently, during the most recent season, Miller attacked Hyland like a rabid dog and bit her!!!

Kelly got fed up during one of the episodes -- she got sick of Abby yelling at her two daughters and attempted to leave the dance school.  That caused Abby to jump in front her, yelling and lunging towards her.  What is "The Firm?"  No one is allowed to leave the Abby Lee Miller School of Dance?

TMZ reported the biting story last month and now the alleged victim (Hyland) is looking for at least $5 million in her lawsuit.  I can’t make this stuff up.  Check out some footage of the show and just how "emotional" it can get at times.