If I was remotely on the feminist side, I guess I would have been insulted by this guy and his comedy.  However, he was spot on and extremely amusing with his impersonation.   While I consider myself one of the few girls out there that can hold their alcohol, but more importantly, don't allow myself to get to the point of obliteration, I have known a few girls to act just like this.  Hysterical!  I wish this guy would come to Albany!

The comedian's name is Chris D'Elia and I must say, he does a perfect job impersonating drunk girls!  I'm almost positive after watching his video, at least one name will come to mind instantly.  Or you'll be crouching down in your chair realizing your friends were right all those times they told you stories about your having a littttllleee tooooo much to drink.  Soooooo funny!

Check it out: