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Man Madness [VOTE]
Today is the last day for "Man Madness" and so we leave you with two of our biggest celebs.  This is probably one of the most difficult decisions throughout our entire bracket.
Casey’s Reasons to Watch the Super Bowl This Sunday
I'm not sure if you're a sports enthusiast or anything like that, but in the event you are being dragged to a Super Bowl party this Sunday because your significant other is going, I've put together a list of good reasons to tune in.
Keegan Allen vs. Tyler Blackburn – Swoon-Off
While we can never keep up with all of the shenanigans on 'Pretty Little Liars,' we do know one thing: That is one good-looking cast! Two of the stars, Keegan Allen and Tyler Blackburn, have gained reputations for their determination to expose A -- and they've looked handsome doing it…
Tom Cruise vs. Johnny Depp – Swoon-Off
When it comes to Hollywood royalty, no one commands attention on the silver screen quite like Tom Cruise and Johnny Depp. With decades of successful films under their belts, these leading men have proved time and time again they are more than just handsome faces with perfectly chiseled jawlines...
Harry Styles vs. Justin Bieber – Swoon-Off
Part of the job description for "pop star" seems to include being a teenage heartthrob. One Direction's Harry Styles and Justin Bieber are no exception. These two teens know how to make their female fans go absolutely crazy. Which singer do you think is more swoon-worthy?

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