Passionate Paramedic Chosen As April’s Hometown Hero
Cheryl Schweinsberg from Albany is only 28 years old and she's already dedicated almost half of her life to serving her community by volunteering to change lives and work as a paramedic in Albany attempting to save them as well.  She was nominated to be April's Hometown Hero by her admiring co-worke…
90% of Kids Don’t Know What This Retired Piece of Tech Is
It's hard to believe that millennials are actually getting older. We've got to make way for an entirely new generation to drive us crazy. recently posted a survey where they tested a 6-18 year old kids on how well they knew different items from the '90s.

Gloversville Police Officer Struck By Reckless Driver (VIDEO)
Wednesday night, members of the Gloversville Police Department were handling a complaint when a police officer was struck by a reckless driver in a Chevy Silverado truck and then fled the scene.  Police ultimately located the vehicle and made an arrest.  Thankfully, the officer was able to walk away…
College Introduces ‘Cry Closet’ for Stressed Students
Is there anything better to studying to the sound of your fellow classmate's misery?

College is a pretty crazy time for a lot of young students. Some have it worse than others. Have you ever been so stressed out that you just needed a good cry?
Are Twenty One Pilots Dropping New Music Soon?
It's been about three years since we've gotten to indulge in new music from Twenty One Pilots.  "Blurryface" dropped in 2013, with a string of hit songs, a massive tour, AND an awesome live performance at the Times Union Center here in Albany...

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