When it comes to a man there are two things you just don't mess with. His car and his beloved axe!

Bryan Adams is currently on a world tour to promote his 13th studio album "Get Up" and ran into a little trouble at an airport in Cairo.

The singer made the incident very public through social media.

After being held up at the airport, Adams claimed his equipment would not be released to him for sometime.

After finally being released back to him he discovered that his beloved 1957 Martin D-18 had been scribbled on in marker which appeared to be a  "clearance identification number". However, NBC News reports that the airports Director of Customs denies the claims.

Regardless of what or how it happened the guitar is an antique and black magic marker all over it might cramp the singer's style during performance. Instruments can be very unique objects. Especially for artists who spend years on the road and have history with their equipment.

I recently inherited a 1972 Martin guitar from a relative and these items don't necessarily have a monetary value but are extremely sentimental. It's awfully hard to replace a 1972 guitar at the local shop let alone the memories that go with it.

Who hasn't had luggage trouble at an air port once or twice? This only proves that it happens to the stars as well.