Where once it surprised that Bob Odenkirk would return to AMC in spinning off Better Call Saul from Breaking Bad, the once and future Saul Goodman is firmly sticking with the network. Odenkirk will lead a new AMC miniseries based on New York Times journalist David Carr’s memoir The Night of the Gun, as written by The Shield alum Shawn Ryan.

AMC and Sony Pictures TV announced development of a six-episode miniseries based on the late David Carr’s bestselling memoir The Night of the Gun, setting Odenkirk to play Carr with writing from Ryan. The memoir is described as “a searing, hysterical look at the demon of addiction and his journey from the crack pipe to esteemed columnist for The New York Times.”

Says AMC:

David Carr’s work as a journalist was uncompromising, enlightening, and most of all, always driven by a fundamental quest for the truth. When he turned those skills and values around to focus on his own life as an addict, the result was a stunningly original, compelling and important piece of journalism the likes of which the world had never seen – a simultaneously heartbreaking, funny, and inspirational account that redefined the idea of telling a personal story. Shawn Ryan, Bob Odenkirk, and the incredible team behind this have embraced all the things that David would have loved as a storyteller, and crafted a vision for ‘The Night of the Gun’ that we hope will be as timeless as David’s book.

Adds Odenkirk:

I read David’s story, ‘The Night of the Gun,’ when it came out and was wildly entertained by his saga. It’s a story of survival filled with pain, crack, journalistic righteousness, abandoned cars, crooks, lies, and then there’s the two little girls who saved his life; it’s overstuffed with humanity. Shawn Ryan is the man to explore this real anti-hero story. I hope to do justice to David’s intellect and his scrappy nature. It’s gonna be crazy… if we do it right.

And try they will! No word on an exact timetable just yet, but is a new Bob Odenkirk miniseries a boon for AMC’s improvng lineup?

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