One of the Capital Regions own is making history as COVERGIRL's first ever COVERBOY.

Makeup brand CoverGirl just made a huge announcement naming 17-year-old Bethlehem Central High School student James Charles their first ever male CoverGirl (or now CoverBOY)!

The announcement was first revealed by one of pop music's biggest stars, Katy Perry, via her Instagram account.

Then James Charles used his own Instagram account to elaborate on what he has been secretly working on recently.

According to the TU, James Charles will appear in campaigns for CoverGirl's newest mascara, "So Lashy."

This isn't the first time James Charles has gone viral this year. Last month his senior picture re-shoot totally took off making national headlines.

There's no denying that homeboy has some mad skills. I mean I have some serious issues applying the most basic makeup possible and here he is creating some amazing works of art using his face as a canvas! I mean just check out some of his work below.

Hey James, if you're in the area I could totally use some assistance in preparing for the Zombie Prom, just sayin'!