The DCEU has been keeping Ben Affleck pretty busy with Justice League and plans for a new solo Batman film, which the actor will also co-write and direct. Those commitments are partially responsible for the repeated delays on his Dennis Lehane adaptation, Live by Night, which may or may not hit theaters before the end of the year. Despite his increasingly crowded schedule, Affleck has picked up another project to direct and star in, but who knows when he’ll have the time to actually make it happen.

Maybe Affleck should start taking time-management advice from Dwayne Johnson. At any rate, Deadline reports that the actor is closing a deal with Fox to direct and star in a new adaptation of Agatha Christie’s Witness For the Prosecution. The short story was previously adapted into a play, as well as a 1957 film starring Marlene Dietrich and Charles Laughton. Billy Wilder directed that adaptation, which went on to earn six Oscar nominations.

The courtroom drama centers on a lawyer tasked with defending a man accused of murdering a wealthy widow. Despite persuasive circumstantial evidence against the accused, his wife has a strong alibi and is allowed to testify in the case because — shocker — she was still wed to another man when she married her husband.

Affleck will also produce the new adaptation along with Matt Damon (of course), Jennifer Todd and Christie’s estate. The actor can be seen next in Gavin O’Connor’s The Accountant, which hits theaters on October 14.