Still in the hospital after injuries from the tragic accident that took two young lives of Shenendahowa students, Bailey Wind could use our help - and quite easily!

Bailey Wind is one of the survivors of the Shenenadowa - Shaker accident that the Capital Region is buzzing about. It's all over Facebook, Twitter, and the news. A community coming together to help its youth, students and neighbors overcome this tragedy is inspiring.

In the same angle, it's amazing what the power of social media can do. Many local tweeters sent messages to Tim Tebow, second string quarterback of the NJ Jets, using the trend #TebowCallMatt to get him to call the other survivor of the crash, Matt Hardy. And - he did!

Now, we need to help Bailey get a smile on her face. Bailey would love the chance to talk to Olympic swimmer Tom Daley. So - let's help her! Tweet #TomDaleyCallBailey or #DaleyCallBailey to @TomDaley1994.

Let's hope he pulls through, and let Bailey have a few minutes to forget what's happening around her.