The state Department of Environmental Conservation announced this week that a new record-size fish was caught in the Hudson. 

A 60-pound female striped bass was caught down towards Newburgh by Eric Lester of Campbell Hall, Orange County.

The fish measured 53.4 inches long and 33 inches around its girth, breaking the state record. Holy fish!

While most of you fishing fiends out there might practice your skills in the Hudson River, you most likely release your catch back into the water because you're afraid of ingesting whatever that fish may have eaten. With all the PCBs that have been discovered in the Hudson from years of dumping chemicals, I think it is safe to say that you might be better off NOT eating something that lives and grows in the river.

A previous state record was held by a 55 pound, 6 ounce fish that was caught back in 2007. DEC biologists estimate that Lester's fish was around 20 years old.  So the question here is do you think the fish grew to be so big because of its age or due to something in the river, such as the PCBs, that acted like a growth hormone?