By now, everyone with access to the Internet is familiar with the dress. But that black and blue (yes, it's black and blue) cocktail frock that had everybody arguing around the water cooler this week was not the first dress to get Facebook in a frenzy.

From JLo's barely-there Versace dress at the 2000 Grammys to Lady Gaga's protein-packed 2010 MTV VMA ensemble, here are five dresses that had us all talking.

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    JLo's 2000 Grammy Dress

    No matter what she wears (or doesn't wear), she's still Jenny from the block. When people were done being wowed by JLo's beauty, they realized just how barely there this dress was. But who wouldn't rock that outfit if they looked as great as her?

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    Lady Gaga's 2010 MTV Video Music Awards Meat Dress

    Would you like a side with that steak, Gaga? Lady Gaga went with a raw ensemble to the awards show to make a statement against governmental restrictions, but, as Billboard reported, later got some flack from animal rights advocates for wasting some perfectly good beef.

    Kevin Winter/Getty Images
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    Lil Kim's 1999 MTV Video Music Awards 'Dress'

    Alright, so maybe this one was technically more of a jumpsuit than a dress, but since it was an awards show "outfit" it was fair game. Lil Kim flashed the photographers more than a smile on the red carpet that night, and quickly became the talk of the town for something other than her music.

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    Janet Jackson's 2004 Super Bowl Dress

    This dress morphed into a completely different outfit after the performance that gave life to the term "wardrobe malfunction." Football fans got quite a halftime show, and Justin Timberlake got to cop a feel in front of millions of people.

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    'The Dress'

    Blue or black? White or gold? Ugly or cute? Someone could sit around and ponder this dress forever, or until they realize how many more important things there are to think about. Social media did waste an entire day on it. In the end, the dress is really whatever you think it is or want it to be, and doesn't that make it so beautiful in itself?