A list of some celebrities that don’t party as much as we thought they might, has been released. While we might think celebrities drink because they are always at all these events, there are many who have never even had one drink or, have had too many drinks in their lifetime and are now recovering alcoholics.


Jennifer Hudson has never had a drink. I could definitely see that about her.  Blake Lively and Kim Cattrall said neither of them drink.  Kim Kardashian says she doesn’t drink.  I'm wondering if that's because she was pregnant or that's just always been her M.O.


Slaven Vlasic, Getty Images.
Kevin Winter, Getty Images.

There are also many celebs who have viable reasons for not picking up a glass of wine or bottle of beer.  Jennifer Lopez says she doesn’t drink because it “ruins your skin" while Ewan McGregor said he quit drinking because it made him into a "maniac."  Tyra Banks said she tried alcohol once when she was 12, but has never tried it again.

Then there's the group that includes Matthew Perry, Eminem, Tobey Maguire, Edie Falco, Russell Brand, Kelly Osborne, Colin Farrell, and Jade Pinkett Smith who are all recovering alcoholics.  They've been sober since rehab.

The list goes on, but one person I didn't mention was Bradley Cooper.  He was mature enough to acknowledge that drinking was taking a toll on his career and hasn't had a drink in nine years.  Kristen Davis did the same and stopped drinking 25 years ago while Christina Ricci and Gerard Butler both stopped 15 years ago.