My Nanna used to say that a house needs to be clean enough to be healthy, but dirty enough to be happy.

I believe that's true, and even though I'm a bit of a  neat freak myself, I still slack at some aspects of cleaning.

Which of these are YOU guilty of? Mine are 1,3,4 and 7 (sigh).

Top-10 ways most people CHEAT when they're cleaning around the house—check 'em out:

1.  Dusting around things instead of lifting them up.

2.  Wiping crumbs onto the floor.

3.  Putting dishes in the dishwasher without washing off the food that's stuck to them.

4.  Pushing down the garbage in the can to make more room instead of emptying it.

5.  Rinsing the shower instead of scrubbing it.

6.  Not bothering to wipe the mirrors in the bathroom.

7.  Washing whites and colors together.

8.  Squirting bleach into the toilet instead of scrubbing it.

9.  Not putting stuff to recycle in the recycling bin . . . just throwing it in the garbage since it's easier.

10.  Trying to pick little things out of the carpet instead of vacuuming.

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